Uhr aus dem Uhrenwerk

The Uhrenwerk Weimar

„Time is measurable. It has no absolute beginning and is of unlimited duration. Only time periods can be determined.“
(Rudi Koch, „Jewelry and Watches”, Leipzig 1977)

"Uhrenwerk Weimar" (Weimar watch factory) - an internationally recognized brand whose origins can be traced back to the year 1950, is returning. Inspired by Henry van de Velde and the Bauhaus art school, the new "Uhrenwerk Weimar" is born in a traditional combination of culture and competence that was invented in Weimar but is at home now all over the world.

In autumn 2018, "Uhrenwerk Weimar" will present its first wristwatch collection in Weimar, Berlin and Brussels.

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Thomas Philipp Reiter, Managing Partner

Precision from tradition

Est. 1950